Featured Employee Of The Month: Kayla Covert

1. What was your very first job?
My first job was at the movie theater down the street from my high school. I worked there for my entire senior year of high school. I still don’t like the smell of movie theater popcorn, but it was super fun being able to work all the big midnight premieres that year like Avengers, Breaking Dawn, and The Hunger Games. 

2. What degree(s) do you have and where are they from?
I have an associates degree in Ministry from The Salvation Army Crestmont College and then I am currently working on my bachelors in English as an online student with Arizona State University. 

3. What has been the most interesting advancement in your field since coming into the industry?
I think the functionality of social has been a huge advancement. Social media was originally just a networking tool to stay connected with friends and family. In just the last few years that I have been working in social, the purpose of it has evolved into an activist platform, a channel for online shopping, a way to be present at events happening around the world, and a tool for getting news as it’s developing from people who are in the middle of the action just to name a few things. The possibilities continue to be limitless for social media and I love that aspect. 

4. How did you get into the world of marketing and agency life?
It happened fairly accidentally. My last position evolved from online reputation management into social media and marketing during my time there and that really gave me a taste of what marketing was like and an opportunity to gain some experience in that industry. A friend of mine had previously worked in agencies and had suggested that an agency might be a more apt fit for my interests. About two months later, I was working at VSSL!

5. What do you do when you are not at work?
During the week, I spend a lot of my time with my family and my dog or at the gym. On the weekend, I tend to do a lot of writing and hanging out with friends. We go to Disneyland pretty frequently (Annual Passholder) and have started getting really into trivia nights and board games. Basically anything that incites our competitive nature. 

6. What are your personality test answers? 
Meyers-Briggs: INFJ |  Enneagram: 2w3
I pretty much hit all the traits of these right on the head. 

7. What three fictional characters represent you best?
I came up with this question, not taking into account that I would have to answer it at some point. So I polled my friends for answers:

“Janet from the Good Place, chaotic good” 🙃 🙃 🙃 
“Scooby Doo… If we motivate Kayla with food, she will do spooky things while saving the day on accident” I’m a big chicken, but can be easily persuaded with sweets.  
“Jess from New Girl” this was followed by gifs of Jess to cement this claim. 

8. If you could invent something to solve one of your biggest problems, what would that invention be?
I think I would want something that would transcribe my thoughts for me. I have so many different thoughts and ideas and things I want to work on, but sometimes if I don’t write them down, I forget them. So having just a stream of consciousness log device would be super helpful. 

9. What’s one thing about yourself that would surprise people?
I’m a twice-published author! I think that one’s pretty surprising. I have two poetry books that you can purchase through Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as in a few book stores around San Diego under my writing name, Kayla Anne. 

10. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Do it for yourself.” 
Basically, don’t let anyone else’s thoughts or reasoning influence your decision to do something. If you believe in it or want to do it, do it for you. Not them.