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VSSL is much more than an expert San Diego website development agency. In addition to web design and development for a wide range of clients, we also provide services in digital brand building, marketing, creative concepts, SEO, and media. So, we don’t just build your website; we also excel in driving traffic as part of a cohesive, integrated marketing strategy. And we know how to develop your site so it’s fully ADA compliant.

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The Art and Science of Website Development

As an experienced San Diego web development agency, we understand the complexities of building a website that is simple, clear, and functional for your users. Because for a website to work for our clients, it must work for our clients’ customers.

Front-End Development
Front-end development determines what your customers see and experience when they land on your site. It’s a complex assembly of different technologies that work to make the user experience welcoming, easy, and productive. Some of the technologies involved include:

  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • CSS Preprocessors (LESS, SASS)

Back-end Development
Back-end development is like the busy kitchen of a fine restaurant; the customers don’t see it, but nothing happens without it. The back end is where your servers, database, and applications are united by code to serve whatever functions you and your users may need. Back-end technologies include:

  • PHP & MySQL Server Side Web Development
  • MySQL
  • WordPress Advanced Custom Fields
  • LAMP Stack

Version Control Tools
Website and database development involve continual changes and updates. Advanced version control tools are essential in collaborative environments. They keep track of changes made by individual contributors and make sure everyone is working from the same information, on the latest version. The version control tools we use include:

  • SourceTree
  • Git
  • Bitbucket/GitHub

Professional Website Optimization and Maintenance are essential

Your website exists in a highly competitive environment. Web page optimizations encompass speed, performance, readability, and SEO. The goal: attract visitors, keep them there, convert them to customers, and get them to come back. An experienced website maintenance agency like VSSL knows that optimization best practices incorporate ADA compliance and SEO strategies from the outset, and regularly checks for issues, errors, and relevant updates to keep your site healthy.

Performance and PageSpeed
Showing clients how to improve page load speed is one of our essential services – no one waits for slow-loading pages these days. We use Google PageSpeed as one of our primary tools, especially since page speeds are a major factor in search rankings. CDN (content delivery networks), server caching (temporarily saving requested information), and file minification (to remove unneeded data) all work to improve page speed.

Search engine optimization simply means building your pages for search engine visibility and high rankings. An experienced SEO web developer like VSSL will build in SEO elements such as keywords, URL names, internal and backlinks, images, and descriptions as part of the original structure and continually maintain them.

Website Accessibility
Accessibility means building a website that’s available and provides a good experience to anyone who wants to use it, including people with disabilities. It also becomes a positive part of your brand, signaling that everyone is welcome.

The Advantages of Custom WordPress Development

Because WordPress sites are so prevalent and have a limited number of “off-the-shelf” themes or looks, a skilled WordPress development agency like VSSL can really help you stand out by creating a site with custom themes and functions that cater to you and your customers. A WordPress upgrade or migration to a new host is also a challenge that should be handled by an experienced WordPress maintenance agency and team.

WordPress Custom Theme Design
In web design, the two groups that matter most are you and your users. As a custom WordPress theme developer, VSSL can create a custom theme design for your WordPress site that serves the specific requirements of both your company and your customers, and can easily evolve as needs change.

CMS Web Development
Most companies today need a website whose content is easily updated, no coding needed. This means a CMS (content management system) like WordPress. VSSL’s CMS web development team can develop a site that lets you change content without hassles or coders.

Static Website to CMS WordPress Upgrade and Migration
If you currently have a static HTML site, VSSL can help you upgrade to a WordPress CMS and migrate to a host that can handle it.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Web Design is Imperative

Desktop versus smartphone web usage runs about half and half these days. So how do you build a website that works well and looks good on someone’s 32” monitor and their phone and tablet? With responsive web development and mobile-friendly web design that automatically adjusts to each user’s screen size.

Bootstrap 5
VSSL uses Bootstrap 5, the most advanced version of a powerful, responsive “mobile first” front-end framework that keeps a consistent style on different size devices.

Cross-browser Testing
With all the different devices in use today, there are more kinds of web browsers than most people know. VSSL deploys cross-browser testing on the full spectrum to make sure your site looks and works right on all of them.

Phone, Tablet, Desktop
VSSL will make sure your website meets performance standards no matter what size device it’s seen on.

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Experts in eCommerce Web Design and Development

The accelerating migration of shoppers from brick and mortar to eCommerce has made the appearance, functionality, and branding of your website more important than ever. VSSL’s eCommerce web development services can create an eCommerce site that excels in all three, using an open source shopping plug-in built specifically for WordPress.

WooCommerce is easy to install and easy to configure, especially since VSSL can do that for you. But if you still want to be able to add products, make changes, add shipping options, create coupons, fulfill orders, and get reports on your own, WooCommerce makes that easy, too.

ADA Compliant Web Design is a Must

The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to make sure people with disabilities, including people who are blind or deaf, have the same access and opportunities that everyone does. That includes the ability to access and use your website. In addition to meeting legal requirements, ADA compliance web design makes your site available to people who navigate by voice, screen readers, or other assisting technologies.

ADA Compliance Audits
Where does your website stand in meeting ADA requirements? VSSL can conduct a full ADA compliance audit to see what changes are recommended.

ADA Compliance Improvements
VSSL will formulate and present a plan for improving your site’s ADA compliance. It might cover writing, image descriptions, code changes and other elements that make your site more welcoming to everyone.

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Professional, functional web design and development is one of the most important components of business success, and becomes more so every day. As a San Diego web development agency with the team, the experience, and record of success that VSSL has, we are well-positioned to help you develop and maintain a site that serves you and serves your customers today and in the future.

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