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Social media is an indispensable part of any digital marketing strategy, but leveraging its full power requires expert guidance. What platforms? Targeting? Timing? Content? Award-winning VSSL’s team of social media professionals live on social, and we know how to make Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms work for you. We will build a social media strategy driven by data, research, & analysis, and create eye-grabbing, scroll-stopping content that builds brands, generates action, and drives conversions.

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Social Media Management That Presents You with Answers

Social media management has a lot of moving parts. What’s your goal and who’s your audience? Where are they scrolling? Do we go for organic social media growth, more direct action through paid, and what’s the right combo? How do we evaluate your social media copywriting? We help you define these key areas and using tools like Sprout Social and HubSpot, manage your social platforms. VSSL’s social media management team brings together data and experience to build a custom social media marketing strategy for each client, utilizing metrics to answer questions and develop our recommendations.

Organic Social Media Strategy
Organic social media is a way for you and your customers to talk to each other. Build brand relationships and brand ambassadors. It’s a longer game, but so is your brand. A well-crafted organic social strategy can strengthen it for real long-term value.

Audience Engagement
The most important part of audience engagement is the audience. If you want to engage them, let’s do something really engaging. For “Likes”, let’s do something really likable. Sharable. Clickable. If the content is compelling, people will engage with it!

Audience Impressions
Audience impressions are the number of times your content was displayed on a screen. We will present a carefully devised plan, including timing and content, that can raise your audience impression metrics.

Organic Conversions
There are lots of ways that interesting and engaging organic content can be used to boost conversions (click-throughs to your site). VSSL can share all the organic conversion techniques and recommend which work best.

Industry-Specific Copywriting
Copywriting for social media is a specialized talent that we offer our clients. We’ll make sure the copywriter we assign also knows your industry and has experience writing for it.

Short-term and Long-term strategies
We can help you develop short-term marketing tactics to build awareness and engagement, and to cultivate your persona as an industry leader. But we always consider how short-term strategies serve your long-term goals. We’ll develop customized organic strategies with detailed reporting, and pivot as the data indicates.

A Complete Plan for Social Media Campaign Management

For a social campaign to achieve measurable results, it needs clear goals and a plan to reach them. Whether it’s a sales campaign or social media event promotion, VSSL social media campaign management will create a complete plan, including precise audience targeting, keyword research, boosted social posts, constant results monitoring and necessary adjustments.

Campaign Management to Promote Events

Once we help you choose the right platform for your social media event promotion, we’ll develop creative, hashtags, a targeting plan, and recommend the right balance of paid and organic postings.

Campaign Management to Promote Specific Assets

Clients often have specific marketing assets worth promoting – and we can certainly help you create some! Videos, brochures, white papers, blog posts, or podcasts are some examples. We then develop the social campaign that will promote these assets to the audience most likely to engage.

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With experienced, effective B2B social media management, we have helped clients in a number of industries raise awareness, engagement, and results. As a full-service marketing and social media management agency, we can help you too. Please contact us to talk about all the possibilities of social media marketing.

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