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SEO Analysis and SEO Strategy

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SEO is one of the most quickly evolving digital marketing specialties. VSSL is a San Diego-based digital agency specializing in SEO audits, keyword research and SEO strategy implementation. We believe an effective SEO strategy starts with a complete analysis, and requires an SEO marketing agency and SEO team with the expertise to guide you through the impact of shifting search rules and algorithms, the impact of voice searches, mobile, and other factors.

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SEO Audits

Your SEO project begins with a full, professional SEO audit of your current web presence to see where you stand in page rankings, click-throughs, bounce rates and other metrics. We also provide SEO competitor audits before offering SEO optimization tips.

SEO Analysis
A full analysis of your website will identify overall site health and potential optimizations. We look at the relevance and distribution of keywords and phrases, site construction, page speed, titles, descriptions, snippets, internal and backlinks – every element of your current website.

Dedicated Keyword Search
We conduct keyword research dedicated specifically to your site, your products, and your areas of specialization to help you rank higher within your industry.

Competitor Analysis
We always consider what our clients’ competitors are doing in their marketing campaigns, and SEO is no different. By understanding your competitors’ strategies, we identify opportunities for improving your position.

SEO Implementation

We begin your SEO implementation plan when the audit is completed, and an SEO strategy is devised. Recommended tactics may include relevant on-page and off-page SEO tips, external backlinks being one example. We can also advise on local SEO tactics for local prospects and customers.

Content Creation and Optimization
New and updated content relevant to your search targets are an easy and user-friendly way to incorporate keywords and phrases into your site. We can develop blogs, articles, white papers, interviews, and other text-dependent content.

On-Page SEO
On-page SEO tips include checking text length and readability, managing keyword placement, internal links to other pages on your site, your page URLs, and providing text descriptions of your images.

Off-Page SEO
Off-page SEO seizes opportunities that are not on your site, such as getting backlinks from other sites that affirm your site’s relevance and authority. Social media, influencers, and guest-blogging are other effective off-page techniques.

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Your website’s ability to attract and hold visitors is one of its most important success factors. We can devise a comprehensive SEO strategy that will raise your page ranking and draw qualified, relevant traffic.

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