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Paid Media Services That Drive Engagement and Results

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Why should you choose VSSL as the San Diego PPC and Paid Media Agency to manage your digital marketing? Because VSSL Agency knows how to make paid media work efficiently and successfully for our clients by finding the precise audience you’re looking for and channeling them right to you. We are an Official Google Partner and experts in PPC marketing. Let our knowledgeable, experienced, and hard-driving team of paid media specialists drive interest and engagement that results in more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

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Google Ads Management with a Google Ads Partner

For the most effective, productive Google Ads management, you should choose a Google Ads agency that’s also a Google Ads partner. And because the whole point of using an agency to manage your campaign is to drive interest, traffic and convertible leads, it’s also important to choose a Google AdWords marketing agency that has a proven track record of actual AdWords results.

Search Campaigns
PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, expertly executed by an experienced PPC agency like VSSL, can be one of your most efficient ways to drive engagement, traffic and high-value leads.

Display Campaigns
The world-wide reach of Google display campaigns is extraordinary, extending to millions of sites and some 90% of Internet users. Display ads can promote your product or service to web surfers, YouTube and Gmail users, and mobile audiences.

Banner Ad Design
VSSL is an expert in creative and compelling banner ad design that helps you stand out in just the right way.

Smart Display Campaigns
Ask us how Google Smart Display Campaigns can place your ad across the entire Google Display Network, with automated bidding, targeting, creation and even automated optimization.

Responsive Search
We can build a campaign for you using Google’s responsive search technology. It automatically tests different copy approaches to see which perform best, and it adapts ad content to align with potential search terms.

Keyword Management
In an SEO-driven campaign, the value of specific keywords may diminish over time. With keyword management, we continually analyze how your keywords perform to create smarter content with SEO value that stays current.

Audience Management
The more you know about your audience, the more effective you can make your cross-channel campaign. In audience management, VSSL uses data to identify the audience you want to reach, and the right message, the best time, and the correct digital channels to find them.

Remarketing or Retargeting Ads
Google remarketing or retargeting ads reach people that you know more about because they’ve already been to your website. With retargeting, you can continue the conversation, even timing ads to target users while they are searching other sites.

Add Billions of Potential Searchers with Bing Ad Management

Searchers use more than one search engine, and Bing can widen your audience significantly. Bing ad campaigns offer excellent results and often for less cost. As an experienced Bing ads management agency, VSSL can help you tap into the billions* of Bing searches conducted every month.

Search Campaigns
Bing search campaigns give you access to the global Microsoft Search Network, including Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. With Bing powering 36.7% of U.S. desktop searches, VSSL can design a Bing campaign that helps you reach millions of searchers* that Google can’t.

Bing Account Audits and Builds
Regular Bing account audits by VSSL can manage your campaign structure, budgets, ad rotation, conversion tracking, keyword usage and other elements to make sure your Bing investment is returning everything it should. Don’t have an account? VSSL can set up and build out your Bing account for you.

Bing Keyword Management
Like any search campaign, keyword usage must be managed to make sure the keywords you’re using don’t become ‘stale’ and lose value. With Bing keyword management, we continually analyze how your keywords perform to make sure your campaigns remain effective.


Leverage the Power of Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising gives you the power to reach new audiences with the attributes you choose. As a LinkedIn ads agency, VSSL can show you how paid social management can expand your reach, grow your follower base, raise brand awareness, and gather essential data on your best prospects and how to engage them.

LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedIn Audience Targeting Optimization
With paid LinkedIn campaigns, we can optimize your audience by selecting the audience attributes most likely to respond.

LinkedIn Ad Copy Testing
The ability to test different copy (ad text) options is one of paid media’s advantages. VSSL can set up your LinkedIn campaign for A/B testing so you can make data-based content decisions.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Audience Optimization
With paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you have the power to optimize your audience to exceptional detail and gain the insights to make content and other changes.

Facebook Ad Copy Testing
Knowing what variables to copy test and how to execute the tests properly is a skill born of experience. VSSL can help manage your Facebook and Instagram copy testing to make sure you’re getting the most ad bang for your investment.

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Paid Media Reporting & Tracking

Tracking and reporting the results of your paid media campaign is essential to continuous improvement. We help you get the results you want.

Paid Media Reporting
VSSL provides clear, informative paid media reporting that lets you know how your PPC campaign is performing against all your key performance indicators. You’ll easily see what’s delivering the most value and what must be changed.

Conversion Tracking
On whatever paid social media platform you may be using, PPC conversion tracking lets you gauge your results based on the audiences you define and their activity on your website. A tracking pixel is used to follow the actions of your website visitors.

Analytics Integrations
Analytics tools are essential for understanding how your site is performing and what must be improved. VSSL can integrate a variety of analysis platforms, finding one works for you to assure you’re getting in-depth quality data from the right sources and in a usable format.

Developing a Paid Social Media Strategy

There is no single way to approach a paid media strategy. VSSL can create a social media strategy based on your specific product or service, your marketing goals, and the audience you need to reach.

Conversion Rate Optimization
The whole point of conversion tracking is to be able to improve or optimize your conversion rate of visitors into customers. This way, you’re getting more business out of your visitors and not just looking for more and more visitors.

Account Builds
We can help build account strategy, branding, set up, and launch new social accounts for your business.

PPC Account Audits
If you want your PPC investments and efforts to perform at the highest level, you need to dig deep. VSSL can provide PPC audits that let you see everything that’s working and what needs to work better.

PPC Targeting Strategy
A PPC campaign requires a defined target audience, one that’s most likely to respond to your offer. VSSL’s expertise can help you choose the parameters that define your best audience and develop the targeting strategy with the greatest chance of reaching them.

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Paid media is a must-have investment that requires skill and expertise. Don’t navigate it alone. San Diego-based VSSL Agency is an official Google partner with expertise in PPC across Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. We know what it takes to deliver the results you expect from your PPC campaigns.

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