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How Marketing Operations and Automation Services Build Results

Marketing operations and automations that crush the competition

Selecting the right marketing operations and marketing automation agency is one of the most impactful decisions a product marketer will make. And keep in mind, the issue isn’t size, it’s expertise. You need a marketing operations agency with proven experience in data, process, technology, and analytics. And you need a marketing automation team with a full command of marketing automation technologies and how to use them most effectively. That team is VSSL.

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Think of Us as a Full B2B Marketing Automation Agency

The power of full B2B marketing automation cannot be overstated. As a marketing automation agency, we can show you how marketing automation lets you create campaigns that you can easily scale up, repeat, adjust, and improve. Automation relieves your team of repetitive tasks for more strategic efforts.

Lead Nurturing and Automation
Even great leads must be nurtured with the right content, fast responses, and continued engagement. Let us show you how automated lead nurturing can increase close rates and reduce wasted time by getting everything right, automatically.

Conversational Marketing Integrations — Chatbots!
An intelligent chatbot can really get the conversation started with future customers. And without making them jump through hoops or fill out forms. VSSL can help integrate an intelligent bot into your automated platform.

CRM Integrations
VSSL can show you how CRM integrations can help you integrate and synchronize data across accounts, contacts, purchase history and more to empower your customer service team.

Experience Pardot Integrations
If Pardot is your marketing automation tool of choice, we have experience implementing and helping our clients achieve success utilizing this tool in conjunction with Salesforce.

A Cerified HubSpot Gold Partner Agency
By partnering with a Certified HubSpot Gold Partner Agency such as VSSL, you know you’re working with a team that accesses the best technology and applies the highest standards in delivering inbound marketing services to their clients.

Access to Marketo
With the option of working with Marketo, you have access to best-in-class marketing automation options, from lead management to mobile marketing.

Account-based Marketing

ABM marketing agencies such as VSSL — also known as account-based marketing agencies — can help guide you to an alternative B2B strategy, more targeted and often more profitable than broad-based or wide-net strategies. Simply put, ABM agencies can help you focus on target accounts that have been clearly defined as high-value/high potential. Thus, they warrant more personalized campaigns that can speak directly to the needs of that individual prospect.

B2B Account-based Marketing
B2B account-based marketing can be defined as quality over quantity. It helps you target a certain type and level of prospect: those with greater needs and greater budgets to meet them. And so, worthy of greater effort, resources, time — and especially, personalization of your marketing message.

Account Scoring
In account scoring, VSSL helps you establish criteria that define your “ideal target profile.” While there are some generalities, no single set of criteria works for all companies, or even for all companies in the same industry. Criteria may focus on headcount, location, awards, growth, or specific business challenges.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Your ideal customer profile isn’t an actual customer, but simply describes a company that’s basically the perfect target for your product. It’s based on your intimate understanding of your product or service and the kind businesses that would benefit most from it.

CRM Implementation and Configuration

One of VSSL’s great strengths is developing a CRM implementation & configuration plan and CRM migration plan that lets our clients manage their current and future customer relationships easily and effectively.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Migration
An effective CRM migration strategy is a complex technical challenge. VSSL will develop a strategy around your specific needs, beginning with a careful analysis of your current data as part of a database health assessment.

HubSpot and Salesforce
VSSL works with the country’s leading developers of marketing software tools. With significant experience with Salesforce and as a HubSpot Gold Partner, we can assure a smooth CRM migration with minimal disruption.

CRM Account Scoring
CRM account scoring lets you prioritize accounts based on their value to your business. By building our own account and contact scoring models and deploying them in HubSpot, we make it easy to discern meaningful metrics to better focus your team.

Creating a Marketing Funnel to Increase Sales

Prospects become customers one step at a time. Marketing funnel creation lets you describe each step, from awareness to sale, in whatever level of detail and complexity fits your sales cycle. It can guide the steps you take at each level of the funnel and make sure your team is prioritizing their activities.

Developing a Funnel Marketing Strategy
VSSL can help you step away from the standard marketing funnel or funnel marketing strategy. We can design a funnel marketing strategy customized to your product and how your customers and prospects make the journey to purchase.

Lead Scoring
Accurate data-based lead scoring can help you determine which leads warrant the greatest attention, which leads are promising now, and which must be nurtured for the future. We can help devise the scoring metrics and attributes to correctly score leads and increase sales.

Persona Research and Creation
Researching and creating personas for your archetypal prospects can help give you a greater understanding of who your customer is, how they think and what motivates them. And then, how to create campaigns that address their needs and thinking.

Persona Segmentation
How do you create the right customer segments that let you understand, discuss, and ultimately serve the different kinds of customers you engage with? VSSL can help you segment your customer base into categories that better define them to better serve them.

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Marketing and Sales Enablement and Alignment

Sales teams perform at their best when they have the content, tools, knowledge, and other resources to actually close deals. As a sales enablement agency, VSSL can help you develop the right resources for an effective sales enablement strategy. The end result brings your sales and marketing into alignment for a far more powerful partnership.

Sales Routing
With experience setting up sophisticated sales routing tools and strategizing alerts, we can help make your sales team’s time more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Aligning Marketing and Sales Strategies
Marketing and sales strategies can spur growth most effectively when their goals, tools and messages are in sync. Alignment can be challenging, but with the right support — like tools from Salesforce and HubSpot — you can make it happen and reap the rewards.

Building Demand and Lead Generation

VSSL believes that generating demand and turning demand into leads is one of the core responsibilities of an aggressive, technology-driven B2B lead generation agency. As a demand gen agency, VSSL knows how to drive interest in your product. But we are also a lead gen marketing agency, with the technology and experience to turn that demand into actionable leads.

Lead Generation
Because lead generation at VSSL is technology driven, and lead gen technology is constantly changing, staying up with and ahead of emerging lead gen techniques is one of our most important roles.

Buyer Intent
Understanding buyer intent through the use of buyer intent data plays a significant role in successful B2B lead generation. VSSL can help turn buyer intent into buyer engagement and actual purchase.

Buyer Signals
Buying signals point you to the most promising leads because they indicate proximity to purchase. In our lead generation process, VSSL captures and harnesses this data as it’s generated at different points in the buyer’s journey.

Data Enrichment and Business Intelligence
We utilize data enrichment technology such as ZoomInfo or DiscoverOrg to continually update information in your database to enhance its completeness and quality. The value of that data is further raised through the business intelligence – BI – process, where it’s analyzed and turned into actionable knowledge.

Improve Your Analytics and Reporting

Most marketers know their performance measurement and analysis could be improved. With the power of a marketing operations dashboard customized to your requirements and your business, the data reporting and data analytics can be automated, assembled and presented just as you need them.

Custom Dashboards
What reports do you need? What level of detail? What are your performance standards and how do you want the analysis presented? A custom dashboard can provide you with exactly what you want in the format you want it.

Custom Reports
Dynamic reports can be as simple or as complex as you need in order to follow the performance of each campaign against KPI spend and results metrics, and ROI requirements.

Google Data Studio
With Google Data Studio, we can help you unlock the power of your data by transforming it into attractive, information-packed reports for easy consumption by specific audiences.

VSSL provides complete data analytics so you have clear information from which you can draw solid insights and respond with measured actions.

Identifying Trends
When it comes to industry trends, you want to be an identifier and a leader, not a spectator. The right analytics can help you spot the trends that create opportunities.

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Whether you’re looking for a marketing automation agency, a B2B lead gen agency, or an account-based marketing agency, VSSL has the experience, the team and technology to help you meet your marketing needs. We invite you to contact us to see how we can help you achieve all your B2B marketing goals.

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