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December 28 2021

by Michael Gauthier


Video Marketing: Why It Is Crucial for Optimal Business Development

“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts”

– Orson Welles

If this quote from renowned director Orson Welles should instill anything in a present-day business owner, it’s that people love a visual medium. Keeping audiences engaged with your marketing strategies is a common struggle, but marketing with visual media breaks that barrier–especially when the marketing content is fresh and relatable.

Videos and Ads that are properly written, produced, and directed will convince viewers to want more of what they are seeing. The right marketing videos are interesting, captivating, relatable, and visualize complex business concepts to engage with target audiences. On-boarding professional film or media specialists or inquiring about their services will prove to boost your sales as a solid business strategy. Not only that, it will establish the voice and presence of your business, and help in business development.

How Visual Mediums Impact Brand Recognition

Let’s take a trip back to the mid-2000s. Apple is preparing to unveil its first iPhone ever. What do they do? They market it through a visual medium. Their first iPhone ad was simple but generated a lot of buzz. The ad was a culmination of shots from different films and series with famous characters picking up the phone and simply saying: “Hello?” This went on for some 20 seconds, until the screen cut to black. Text appeared on the screen. One word: “Hello”, followed by the Apple logo.

This ad was mysterious. However, like any good video, the message was left for interpretation by the audience. This ad engaged audiences and left them with a cliffhanger. There’s no better way to boost sales than enticing your client base with a well-structured, cinematographic masterpiece that conveys the applications of your product. Plus, if done right, a video ad will leave clients yearning for more information. In a nutshell, video marketing, when done well, is a business strategy that is second-to-none in increasing brand recognition.

How Video Marketing Can Increase Sales

People used to rely on face-to-face sales in order to survive. Companies with such a business model are nearly obsolete. Consumers now have a choice in purchasing what they want and don’t have to rely on a salesman to get it for them.

The same idea rings true for B2B companies. Your clients rely more on the internet and media to determine if your product is worth their time. This often results in the utilization of high-pressure sales tactics that are psychologically proven to drive clients away. Enter video marketing.

Keeping Prospects Engaged

Video marketing changes the sales game. Video marketing keeps clients engaged in the visual content. Articles, billboards, and photos don’t require interpretation, what you see is what you get. Humans have been entertaining themselves with stories since the first cave paintings in the Cenozoic era. That animalistic desire has only evolved since then. With video marketing, clients want to see how the beginning climaxes into the end. It’s a part of human nature. By capitalizing on this desire for the relief of tension, companies will be able to cultivate brand recognition and sales.

Answering Questions

Video marketing is the perfect way to allow clients to get to know your brand, product, and mission statement. This will make them more likely to purchase from you. In a visual medium, brands can showcase their product or service in action. This will allow potential clients to grasp the applications of your product or service, and eliminate the need for further questions that will hinder the selling process.

Building Trust

People rely on reviews and ratings now more than ever when it comes to purchasing a product or service. That’s why marketing videos play such a key role. Instead of relying on a faceless name and a four-star review, clients can be nudged into relying on a video testimonial or review. Clients will now get to see a real person describing how the product or service has positively impacted them. This will breed trust, which will also increase sales.

Where to Start With Video Marketing

Now that you know the many pros of video marketing, it’s time to make something happen. Many agencies specialize in the production of Ads and have a team of writers, producers, directors, and other specialists in-house who work to create relevant and impactful visual content. Drop the blog posts and stop worrying about your online reviews. Nothing engages customers and builds trust like video marketing! Do you need some help with strategy, tech, or branding from true visionaries? Check out the experts of VSSL, and take your video marketing campaign(s) to the next level!