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January 05 2023

by Lisa Sydes

Marketing Operations

Salesforce Certified Partner And Expert – So What?

Salesforce Consulting & Agency Partner

Being a Salesforce Consulting Partner means that we have been authorized by Salesforce to develop and provide custom solutions, implementations, and integrations within their ecosystem. 

In order to qualify for the partnership program, the agency must hold at minimum 2 active certifications which are achieved by completing training courses and successfully demonstrating knowledge and aptitude within the cloud system and tools. 

Why Work With a Salesforce Partner?

Along with the security of knowing the agency partner has officially proven that they know the tools and programs within Salesforce by means of certification, you can benefit from a partner’s expertise in many other ways.

1. Deeper Knowledge & Specialization

As a consulting partner, we make it our responsibility to know the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform so you don’t have to. Partners also stay up-to-date on all product releases and sometimes are aware of changes before they are announced to the general public, giving your business the most time to prepare for any required changes. Partners will also work with you to customize the platform to fit your exact business needs. With a partner’s knowledge and experience on your team, you’re equipped to collaborate better and strategically build a CRM that is both efficient and optimized to your needs.

2. Save Time, Resources, & Money

With a partner you can leave the administrative tasks aside and focus on doing more of what brings in revenue to your team and business. You can also rest assured knowing that an entire team is checking projects for quality assurance and troubleshooting any possible errors, to ensure a smooth environment without any bugs. 

3. Not Restricted to Salesforce Experience

When you work with our team at VSSL agency, we bring knowledge and expertise of the Salesforce platform, as well as other MarTech programs that may exist within your ecosystem and workflows. A consulting partner may be able to help with integrating outside tools, recommending new ones, or creating workarounds to achieve similar outcomes to shorten your MarTech lineup. 

Need a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

If you’re looking to move your business into a new Salesforce environment, migrate from another platform, or just need help getting your existing organization in order, we can help. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner we love getting our hands dirty and making your CRM platform and technology work better better for your business, send us a message so we can talk some tech!