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June 29 2021

by Tim Peacock

Marketing Operations

Advantages of Automation

Today, a large chunk of business processes are automated. You may have seen many IT firms using different automation technologies to upgrade business processes and practices. 

It not only helps teams attract a target audience but also converts leads into buyers and runs marketing campaigns. An automated system comprises unique elements designed to perform a set of programmed tasks. It is a great way to make several repetitive and operational tasks less of a burden. 

What Are the Benefits of Automation?

Let’s plunge into the details and learn some advantages of integrating automation in business processes.

1. Email Automation 

Send action and time-triggered emails to your users and subscribers with pertinent information for different marketing purposes. Email automation is an easy way to generate sales and leads to earning revenue. Using email automation, you can: 

  • Move potential clients and prospects down the funnel by sending out specific emails based on user behavior 
  • Nurture and design specific programs to keep your brand highlighted and top-of-mind
  • Run A/B testing on different subject lines to increase your open rates, or test your CTAs to boost and improve your email clickthroughs
  • Trigger and speed up internal notifications for your sales and marketing team when contact takes significant action
  • Add business tasks to HubSpot CRM or Salesforce to alert your marketing team to contact

2. Lead Scoring Benefits

Looking for tools to rank your prospects so they represent the perceived value all leads have for the organization? Automating lead scoring might be the best way to determine the most functioning leads. That means lead scoring allows you to automate lead qualification using machine learning-powered scoring. 

If you want to evaluate the behavior of your existing customers, HubSpot’s predictive scoring can help. Machine learning divides and analyzes large groups of data to identify the best leads, making your job easier.

With machine learning applications and tools, the predictive scores improve over time and optimize your lead follow-up strategy. As a result, there is no need to invest time in converting leads that are not ready. Instead, store them in a nurture program to save time. 

3. Paid Ad Optimization

Google and Facebook are common platforms marketers use to optimize their ads for the best results. This scalable web marketing strategy is an affordable way to connect with your searcher. However, using HubSpot allows you to apply recommendations for bidding types, budgets, and keywords directly. 

All you need is to click a single button to apply recommendations and increase your Google Optimization Score, which can also improve your conversion rate by 10 % or more if you cross an optimization score of 70 percent or higher.

You can go to Marketing > Ads and then use the Recommendations tab given on the sidebar menu to select the Google ads Account under the account filter to obtain optimization recommendations.

4. Content Optimization

Content optimization is all about ensuring that your produced content reaches the largest target audience. With this automation technology, you can add meta, keywords, and title tags to new content. One thing to note here is that this can also be used to improve existing content. We strongly recommend performing a semi-annual audit of old content. It is important to update or optimize performance.

For old posts, you may consider;

  • Adding new information to update the originally written content
  • Incorporate target keywords
  • Add backlinks to recent or higher-performing blogs and posts
  • Optimize content to mimic a Google featured snippet

VSSL and Automation

From higher production rate and improved productivity, efficient use of tools, and product quality, to shorter workweeks for employees and reduced lead times- automation can do it all. Using automation technologies, you can compete with larger teams by relying on the right tools and winning strategies. 

Need help getting started? Contact the VSSL crew to get the ball rolling.