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Helping WiTricity Build a Foundation for Growth with HubSpot

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WiTricity was making a key pivot to bring new technology to market for wireless charging of electric vehicles, and, with a brand-new team, was focused on building the core marketing technology infrastructure to be ready for growth. Next up, a cohesive and focused marketing campaign to engage their audience and build brand recognition. But their HubSpot CRM wasn't ready, and thus, they sought out external resources for additional support. That's when they brought in VSSL to help create a high-performance CRM.

The Challenge

The biggest problem at WiTricity was the legacy database the new team inherited: 14,000 undifferentiated contacts.

All those contacts and no way to know who was here for a partnership, to become a licensee, or was a direct consumer looking to spend money. Nearly 12,000 contacts lacked a lifecycle stage; only 10% of companies and 15% of contacts in the database had owners.

Key Results


YoY MQLs increased


YoY SQLs increased


YoY Sales Activities increased

The Solution

VSSL set up a plan to methodically address each issue.

1. System Segmentation

First, we had to figure out how to get maximum value from the data in a disorganized, unsegmented system that couldn't answer these basic questions:

  • Where did the contact come from?
  • What service area were they interested in?
  • Where were they in the buyer's journey?
  • Who's working this lead? Is anybody?

We cleaned up the Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages and created a segmentation system that defined:

  • Country
  • Industry
  • Vertical
  • Type

2. The Sales Process

The Sales Process was priority driven by the sales team's anticipated growth in 2023. The team needed a uniform approach to operating the system and managing the sales process:

  • The sales team needs to understand the flow, so we created a sales journey map that aligned the lifecycle stage, lead status, and deal stages.
  • We provided clear definitions and alignment of all components to suit the needs of the new team, such as when an opportunity should be created and what each stage represented.
  • We reduced the number of pipeline stages from 15 to 9, giving each a unique probability of success.
  • Their account was limited to one pipeline, so we created a “Deal Pipeline Type” so the sales team could filter the pipeline according to the product and permit better tracking.

3. Underutilized Data

To help WiTricity get the most out of their data, VSSL developed a vastly improved reporting system to review and optimize efforts. After all, with all the work to clean up and segment the database, the Sales Team was entitled to more customized reports than the standardized reports they were viewing:

  • We set up customized dashboards highlighting critical data from email, website, and sales efforts so the data could tell WiTricity its whole story.
  • We made sure the sales manager could know the pipeline status of any product or sales team activities, track upcoming close dates, and investigate accounts that missed the closing mark.
  • The Data Health Dashboard gives management the power to check in on the CRM and see how many records in key fields are still missing data, keep track of data cleanliness, and easily view and analyze data in just one place.

4. Working smarter. Much smarter.

Automation was just what WiTricity needed to maximize VSSL's data segmentation and make life as easy as charging a vehicle:

  • We implemented a variety of workflows — they had no workflows when we started — to automate processes for a total of 19 live and running in the background.
  • Workflows included lead routing, segmentation, and helper automation.
  • We set up different filters to determine and assign the contact and account owner for new records. Based upon a contact's region, they are added to the appropriate newsletter list.
  • Fields from the account are copied to the contact and vice versa. When Sales updates a lead status, the lifecycle stage is automatically updated according to the “map,” eliminating one more manual field update.


VSSL has planted and nurtured marketing seeds that are now blooming for WiTricity. They love the organization and efficiency we brought to their HubSpot Marketing Hub. Their team is active in Hubspot and continuing the clean data care regime their system needs to thrive. And they now have a solid foundation to support their current success and prepare them for future growth.

To summarize, VSSL:

  • Established five pipeline types rather than multiple pipelines
  • Cleaned the database, migrating contacts from different sources into Hubspot
  • Created “Five Reasons a Lead is Unqualified”
  • Created dashboards, workflows, and custom field segmentation where none existed
  • Created the Data Health Dashboards to easily see data cleanliness and missing field values at a glance
  • List segmentation for cleaner email

Impact at WiTricity

With support from VSSL, WiTricity has powers it never had before. What do those powers make possible?

  • WiTricity now knows in which part of their business a lead belongs
  • They can track referral business in just one place.
  • They can segment opportunities around different service offerings
  • They can send targeted messages to specific segments of their leads or clients

And WiTricity is now poised to engage and grow with the rapidly growing vehicle charging technology market. In other words, they are ready to help bring about the needed transition to clean transportation. And VSSL is ready to help with whatever else they need.

“I've had the pleasure of working with VSSL at two companies and have always found them to be responsive, reliable, and dependable. No matter how large - or how small - the request, the VSSL team is always there to assist. As others have stated, VSSL is an extension of our marketing team, and a team I can always rely on to do great work.”

Eric Cohen, Marketing Manager

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