Client: Mapp

Services: Creative, Strategy

Redesigning the Mapp Website While Elevating their Brand


Mapp provides powerful AI-based data analytics to marketers that “liberate” them from gut-based decision-making and form the basis of highly personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns. Prior to this project, the company's youthful exuberance and sense of fun were on proud display on the site, including an adorable illustrated sheep to deter marketers from following the herd. But Mapp had outgrown their old brand and website, and approached VSSL to redesign the site and lift their current branding to match the vibrant enterprise they had now become.

Mapp Website Laptop Mockup
Mapp Website Page 1
Mapp Website Page 2
Mapp Website Page 3
Mapp Website Page 4
Mapp Website Page 5
Mapp Website Page 6
Mapp Website Page 7
Mapp Website Page 8
Mapp Website Page 9
Mapp Sticker
Mapp Business Card
Mapp Cellphone
Mapp Website Mockup
Mapp Website Mockup Two

“Brands need consistency, but also the flexibility to grow and mature along with the company they represent. With the redesign, we retained certain core elements, but repositioned Mapp to stay relevant to newer audiences.”

Michael Gauthier, Creative director, Vssl

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