There Is No Substitute For Good Content

This sentiment isn’t new, but it’s become increasingly important as the internet has changed the way we get our information.

From Forbes:

Now that digital technology has revolutionized how we distribute information, marketers are trying to apply many of the same principles to content. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work that way. The truth is that in a content driven world marketers need to start thinking less like advertisers and more like publishers. Here’s what needs to be done.

Stop Trying To Grab Attention And Start Trying To Hold It

After decades of creating advertising, many marketers have built up strong skill sets in some content related areas. They have learned their way around the design studio and the video production set. Many are familiar with web development and user experience concepts. So longer form content doesn’t seem like it should be much of a challenge.

The problem is that content is not a long-form version of advertising, but an extension of publishing. The goal isn’t to grab attention, but to hold it. Instead of always trying to “cut through the clutter,” marketers need to build an ongoing relationship with consumers and inspire them to advocate for their brand.

So brands have to learn how to do publishing right. They need to start with a clear mission and think seriously about the experience they want to create. The best way to engage with consumers is not a catchy slogan or a clever stunt, but to provide consumers with something they will value.