4 Website Design Tips To Increase Lead Engagement for Your Brand

If your brand was on a dating app, would your leads swipe left, or right?

This is not a silly question; website design has more in common with a dating profile than you may realize at first. Both are often the first place that people will go to learn about you, and to make snap judgements. On dating apps, people can swipe left in seconds, and on websites people abandon your site after just a moment on the homepage.

Here are some ways that you can use website design to get your leads to not only swipe right on your brand, but to fall head over heels in love.

First Impressions

Choosing a profile image on a dating site is a big decision, and there have even been studies conducted about it that conclude what should and shouldn’t be included – from the setting to the clothing color. Should your dog or cat be included? Should you smile? Should you be indoors or outdoors? While a website design doesn’t need that exact set of questions, there is definitely research out there that details what works, what doesn’t, and what questions you should be asking. Your homepage is like your dating profile image – it has the impossible task of summing up what your brand is about with just a glance. Don’t underestimate the power your website design has.  

Clear Brand Identity

Imagine a dating profile that has the “vegetarian” box checked, but also includes pictures of the person eating chicken or ribs. That’s confusing. You can’t get a good idea of who the person is, and, worse yet, they have lost your trust. Are they lying? Is that just an old photo? Your leads shouldn’t be vexed with those types of questions when they visit your website. Your design should clearly communicate your brand’s identity. Use a single, consistent logo. Stick to one tagline, and make sure that tagline connects to your mission statement.

Emotional Connections

Why do some people choose to include pets in their profiles, while others include their love for pizza? They are sharing the things that they have an emotional connection to, and, in turn, they are hoping to build an emotional connection with the people that visit their profile. Your website design can use color, font, and spacing to help achieve emotional connections. Of course, the content is important too, but the design is what will catch the heart.

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Name Dropping

Name dropping can be annoying, but if used correctly it be a reflection of your brand. On a dating profile, someone might say that their friends think they are kind, or funny, or generous. A brand can utilize their website design to include space for both testimonials and a staff showcase. Testimonials let your leads see what others think of you, while staff showcases let your leads see how you think of your brand.

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