8 New Year’s Resolutions to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A new year is a time to refresh your digital marketing strategy. This year, create unique goals, don’t just recycle your goals from last year. Use this year’s data, trials, and lessons to craft a specific, targeted strategy and you’ll find yourself with better results, a more efficient team, and streamlined processes.

Here are eight new digital marketing strategy New Year’s resolutions that can take your business to the next level in the new year.

Launch your blog.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you are missing out on opportunities for ranking and traffic. Blog content is highly searchable and engaging (when done correctly), and gives your audience a reason to come back to your site multiple times. It also provides content that can be used to fill your newsletters, populate your social streams, and provide scripts for videos.

Blog content is very easy to upcycle for other digital marketing tactics. Start with a calendar, and build your blog throughout the year. Don’t forget to set some goals so you can look back on your success at the end of the year.

Update your website.

Your website is basically the curb appeal of your digital presence. Do an audit – or work with your digital marketing agency – and make an honest list of what is working and what isn’t. Use your data to make those decisions, not your gut. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, that should be your priority.

Otherwise, look for outdated logos, images, and content and make a plan of attack for updates. This task might take half or all of the year, but scheduling out your changes in phases will make the task seem less daunting.

Clean up your lists.

If you are using email as a main form of promotion, you have lists. And lists. And more lists. The problem is that most digital marketers focus on quantity for their lists, when they should focus on quality. Identify people that are not engaged, and run a re-engagement program. If that doesn’t hook them, it’s time to clean them out of your database. Bad contacts just skew your open and click-through rates.

Use automation.

Speaking of lists, once those are cleaned up you are primed for automation. Take back your time by having campaigns run for welcome messages, nurture messages, and abandoned cart and page messages.

Identify your social KPIs.

Now that all digital marketers convinced their management that social for business is here to stay, there has been a struggle to prove its worth. The main thing to remember here is that not all social is created equally; your company will have different social goals than another company.

Create your own unique KPIs to track your performance and identify strategy weaknesses. This will also help you become more data-driven with your overall digital marketing decisions.

Launch a video campaign.

Getting into digital video marketing might sound like a big project, but technology has made it very easy. While lights and microphones will give you the best set up for more professional videos, the options to “go live” on social and to shoot short videos on smart phones mean that any marketer can utilize this tactic.