Marketers Are Too Busy: A Case for Hiring a Digital Agency

You’ve got a full plate at work, with more marketing projects coming in (and you aren’t allowed to turn them down). Everything is high priority, and trends are coming and going so fast that it’s dizzying to keep track of what’s in and what’s out.

So, what do you do? You have two choices: try to keep up or hire a digital agency to help.

If you go with trying to keep up, you’re going to have a rough road ahead of you. You’ll be trying to focus on so many projects that in the end, you’ll have no focus. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

You’ll also find that your project results start to suffer since you can’t give any one project the attention it deserves. If you are spread too thin, none of your efforts are going to make progress.

You’ll be stressed, you’ll get pressure from your supervisors, and you’ll find balancing your work and home lives difficult.

None of that sounds great.

You could push to try to get help hired, but you don’t even have time to train them. The truth is, you need to hire people that already know what they are doing. They can consult and execute, and they are going to know what’s fresh, new and hip.

As a marketer or business executive, you’re supposed to be well-versed in basically every tactic: web, digital, social, paid social, email, content, internal communications, pod-casting, live videos, produced videos…and the list goes on.

Plus, you have to have the right support team in place, like designers and developers. Unless you’re at a huge company with deep pockets, this is an impossible bill.

Hiring a digital agency brings in the experts who can evaluate your business and your goals, and build a marketing plan that makes sense. One that recommends the marketing vehicles that will be the best options for your business, and includes the data to back it up.

Once a marketing plan is in place, the agency can help you execute that plan, and measure the results. This is where the idea of quality over quantity will be proven. It’s more important to be where your customers and competitors are – and where your competitors aren’t – than it is to be everywhere at once.

Hiring a digital agency to help your business is like getting an entire – or extended – in-house marketing team. When you find the right agency, it’s like you’ve hired the dream team that you’ve always wanted (and that you desperately need).

You’ll likely find that the team of people you’ve hired is filled with individuals that have several years’ experience, and are often even award-winners in their specialty. These are the people that are already on top of the trends, and that know how to interpret the trends to benefit your business.

Whether you need help developing or executing your digital strategy, consider working with a digital agency this year to help drive traffic, generate leads, and close sales.