5 Checkpoints For a Prospect Ready Lead Generation Process

How often do you analyze the content on your website and go through your lead or sales generation process and campaigns yourself?

I’m willing to bet that the answer is rare to never. You probably decided what information you wanted to collect, worked with your web team to get the content up, and haven’t thought too much about it since. You did the required proofreading for your follow up campaigns and made sure the campaigns are firing.

The trouble is, you probably developed your online lead and sales generation process based on YOUR needs, instead of the needs of your customer. Did you ask yourself what they want to share about themselves, what they are looking for, and how they want to be communicated with? No, probably not. You probably made a list of information you wanted to collect – name, title, company, phone number, email address, location – so that you could add the lead to your database and start marketing to them based on your goals.

Your digital lead generation and sales campaigns can be a powerful tool, but you need to understand your prospects and cater to them.

How much time does it take to fill out a contact form?

Whether a prospect comes to you organically or would like to access content that you’ve made available, chances are they want to complete the transaction quickly. Try going through your digital process yourself to see how much time it takes to submit your information, and to access whatever information you are looking for. Is it easy and intuitive or frustrating and confusing?

Are you collecting the right information?

Marketing should make sure that they coordinate with sales to decide what information to collect. If your prospects are getting follow-up emails asking for additional information or advertising products and services that are not relevant to them, they will be quick to find that “unsubscribe” link. Sign up to go through your own cycle to see what emails you get and if they are relevant to the information that you submitted.

Are you bombarding them with advertising?

Do you find that you can’t even figure out how to submit your information because your company has a bunch of links and ads crowding the lead generation process? Look at your page as though you are a prospect and ask yourself if all that noise is necessary – especially if it results in abandons. Check your landing pages and emails to make sure the messages are clear, and not watered down by too many messages.

Is your lead generation process mobile friendly?

This seems like a crazy question since everything should be mobile friendly at this point, but you should check. Try going through the process on a smartphone and a tablet and make sure it’s easy to read, fill out and submit.

What are you offering in your follow up campaigns?

Once you have a lead’s information, how are you using that information to target content that will help build a relationship? You should be sending them content and offers that are relevant to them – otherwise, why did they bother giving you their specific information – and you should be funneling them through a conversation based on their actions. If they already download a whitepaper, don’t send them an email advertising that same whitepaper, as an example.