4 Ways You can Freshen Up Your Lead Generation Strategy This Year

Lead generation is not a static marketing tactic. It’s powerful, but ever-evolving, tool that needs to be evaluated as technology advances, as browsing habits change, as buying behaviors shift, and as the online and e-commerce industry rules are rewritten.

Marketers might find themselves feeling frustrated with the challenge of delivering qualified, valuable leads.

With some patience, though, and a lot of dedication, your business can benefit from a redefined lead generation strategy. This will help pull in qualified people ready to be converted into your most loyal customers.

Here are a few ways to stay on top of trends and to give your lead generation a fresh start for the new year:

Define Your Audience, Then Target Them (and Retarget Them)

If you don’t know who your audience is, you are not going to be able to reach them online.

Gone are the days when the quantity of ads meant something. These days it is all about the quality of your target audience.

First things first: make sure you have a clear definition of your audience personas. This will drive your content creation strategy, ensuring you include the most engaging and resonating marketing pieces.

Use all of your data, and your personas, to determine if there are niche markets you may not be targeting. The more precise you can define your target, the more relevant you can make your campaign.


Picking up a lot of buzz recently is account-based marketing (ABM). Identifying a smaller, more focused group of people from a single account, and creating a customized campaign loop for only them, is a great way to increase your lead generation ROI.

If your audience gives you a molehill, try to turn it into a mountain with retargeting. This tactic has proven to be successful and can be built to run autonomously using your data.

Know Who’s Who in the Industry, and Make a Connection

Influencer marketing is nothing new, but the way it is being done online is new. Your leads are likely to be more motivated by a source that they view as independent of your company.


Professional influencers used to have the biggest voice during events, but now with online resources, like LinkedIn and personal websites. These power players can reach admirers anytime, anywhere. That translates to a big opportunity for effective, valuable lead generation.

Know Your Audience’s Basic Information, and Use It to Communicate

Digital content personalization has been utilized by marketers for years, and there is no sign of it stopping. Enhance your audience’s experience with your brand through personalized digital content (including emails, website content and ads) based on data such as:

  • Browsing histories
  • Personal information
  • Purchase histories
  • Geographic location 

With so many companies utilizing personalization, those that don’t come off as out-of-touch with technology and with the audience’s industry and needs.

Create Engaging Events, and Live Stream Them on Social

Live streaming is still a new marketing tactic, and many companies are either afraid to use it or don’t see the value in using it. However, marketing research tends to show that this is a great way to engage people and generate new leads.

Consider live streaming your next webinar, holding a live Q&A with your CEO, doing a live product demo, or giving behind-the-scenes access to your facility.