Which Social Platform is Best for Your Industry?

Social media is all the rage, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, there are more and more social sites popping up all the time. They don’t all stick, but there is always a chance that the general public is ready for something new – something untouched by advertisers – something fresh and exciting.

We’ve seen the masses rally behind both Instagram and Snapchat recently, and those two sites are thriving and successful.

The question is – which social media platform is best for your industry? Let’s break this down by social platform and see how you can use social media for your business.


Facebook is a platform for sharing bulkier information. While it is a place that people gather, it is also a place where people post links to outside sources, like for blog reading and for shopping. It’s a great space for retail.

Best Social Platform Industry

Customers expect to be able to post grievances or praises on Facebook and receive a response. If they aren’t happy with their level or service, they will reach out on Facebook; it’s a great space for retail businesses to manage their online reputations.

Facebook is also a great space for sharing product launch and information videos. The platform has made a lot of adjustments to allow for better customer service, including messaging and posting response times.


Twitter is the ultimate short story platform. People can access, absorb, and share snippets of information, with the option of following a link to learn more.

Health care, government, and technology businesses have found a home on Twitter. The POTUS and FLOTUS Twitter accounts are wildly popular, as well as accounts for the CIA, and local police units. Health Care officials are able to share important information quickly, and it is easy for each person to share those update with their networks.

Best Social Platform Industry


Instagram is the instant visual gratification site. Users share their pictures, along with a caption (or more likely a series of corresponding hashtags), and tell a story mostly without words. For this reason, Instagram is a great space for restaurants, or any culinary business.

Best Social Platform Industry

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing is going to entice customers more than an image that makes their mouth water. Invest in a staging area with good lighting, and use a decent camera to snap shots of you best and most visually appealing creations.


Snapchat is the new kid on the block, but it’s definitely just as popular as the other social networking sites. One industry where Snapchat is really taking off is in the entertainment industry. If you work in film, sports, music, television, news, or media, then Snapchat is a site you should be exploring. Offer exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps for your followers.

Best Social Platform Industry


If you are in the B2B space, LinkedIn is the space for you. Invest in a premium account and grow your personal network. Make sure you create a business page, and use it to share news, job openings, and information about new hires or changes in business processes.

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