The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks of 2017

We like to do a roundup post of the top April Fools’ Day pranks that companies pull each year. Lately, a lot of people have been asking me how April Fools’ Day came to be. The origins are actually very close to my heart.

The April Fools’ tradition began back in 1582 when one of my very own family members convinced multiple people that the new calendar year would start on April 1st instead of January 1st.

There was a small printing error with some cat calendars that my great great great great great great great aunt Elle had made. She spent 6 gold coins to have these calendars made, but the printers had lost 2 of the floppy discs with months January-March, so all of her calendars began on April 1st instead of January 1st.

She wasn’t about to lose all the money she had put into her genius investment, so she convinced everyone that the year began on April 1st so she could still make some sales.

The prank worked out well until some French aristocrat got word of her little hoax and wanted to have her imprisoned. She convinced the court that it was all just a prank and that pranks had been a family tradition every April 1st for 3 generations.

The judge totally bought it. The story was such a big deal that word of our family tradition spread and everyone started pulling pranks on April 1st. Crazy huh?

But let’s get back to the real pranksters of 2017.

The Top 3 Pranksters of 2017

One of my favorites was by Enjoy Digital. They created Tindermisation, which optimizes your Tinder profile to “make you look popular, but more attractive than your friends; sound suitably intellectual or moronic, depending on your partner preferences; ensure that you secure the highest volume of matches possible; and that those inevitable first dates go exactly as planned”.


Another top winner in my book is by BANGS Shoes, where they created a beautiful vegan, free-range, organic, farm raised, GMO and Gluten free, $75 bag of dirt that you can apply to your shoes, pants, face, or anywhere else you need to make it look like you’re more adventurous. Perhaps if you really dislike the outdoors but want to impress a very outdoorsy person, this bag of dirt could be just the thing you need!


Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day? Luckily our friends over at TSheets adopted the “New York Minute” as a real means of calculating their time. Just subtract 2 seconds from your normal minute to gain an additional 50 minutes of life every day! Don’t worry, they included an app with their time-tracking sheets to help you adjust your life to its new clock.


A Few Other Good Gags

“Netflix Live” wouldn’t have been anything special without Will Arnett.

Honda Emoji Horn actually makes sense. Not all honks are created equal.

Analog Watch Co. made beautiful animal fur watches that are completely cruelty-free.

I think Google took a pretty safe route with their Google Gnome considering last years’ Gmail mic drop didn’t work out so well.

The amazing uSit by Quilted Northern made me chuckle and cringe, so they are true pranksters in my book.

Turkey Hill created a dating site for cows only so that these love-struck cows can produce better milk for their ice cream.

And T-Mobile’s superior ONEsie looks pretty legit to me. I’ll take 2.


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We hope you had fun with your prank this year, and keep us in mind next April Fools’ Day by sending us your prank to see if it makes our Top Pranks in 2018.