5 Ingredients for Successful PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click campaigns (often referred to as PPC campaigns) can seem intimidating to the newcomer, but there are a few simple ingredients that you can use to have a successful campaign, no matter what industry you are in. The key to a successful and profitable campaign is ultimately going to come down to how much time and effort you put into the campaign.

Like with all other forms of paid advertising, PPC campaigns require a little bit of strategy and nurturing. Many businesses think that online paid advertising can simply be automated, and doesn’t need maintenance. This is the kiss of death for PPCs. Instead, use these ingredients to build a successful PPC recipe:

  1. Relevance

Just being out there, or even being everywhere, really isn’t a great tactic. With online advertising, there is no excuse for serving your ads to irrelevant audiences. There are so many tools available in your advertising dashboards now that there is no excuse for not serving timely, relevant ads. You can serve people that recently viewed your site, or even people that haven’t viewed your site in a while – whatever strategy is most relevant to your campaign message.

  1. Audience

Along the same lines as relevancy is your audience. In today’s advertising space, there is no reason to advertise to an audience that isn’t interested in your business or product. In the old days of traditional advertising, you just had to rely on statistics that told you how many exposures your ad would have. Today, you can dig deep and target your ads to audiences that have shown interest in your industry, category, or even your specific products. Remarketing is not the future, it is the now – and it is highly effective for turning conversions.

  1. Keywords

Keyword targeting is so important for PPC campaigns. Even if you are targeting your audience with relevant ads, you still need to entice them; you still need to hit the words that they are going to be searching. Find out what keywords are driving visitors to your site, and in general what keywords people are searching in your industry. Find creative, and of course relevant, ways to infuse those keywords into the copy for your PPC campaign.

  1. Competitor Monitoring

That keyword usage leads directly into competitor monitoring. Spend the money to find out what is happening with your competitors’ websites. What keywords are they targeting? What is their traffic for those keywords? How are they ranking with those keywords versus how you are ranking with those keywords? Finding out what your competitors are doing and adapting to their tactics is key to the success of a PPC campaign.

  1. Updates

Of course, once you know how keywords are shifting and what your competitors are doing, you need to make updates to your ads. Updating the copy and other content of your ads is going to keep them relevant, keep your audience interested, keep your keyword usage fresh, and keep your competitors on their toes. In general, for your PPC campaigns, work to be the leader, and not the follower.

Photo By: MairieSY