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Web Design and New ATS Attract More Job Applicants

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VSSL revamps SmartDrive’s careers page to make it more user friendly and inviting


SmartDrive wanted to increase the number of qualified candidates that applied for positions on the company website. To do so, SmartDrive realized it needed to upgrade its careers page.

Based in San Diego, SmartDrive specializes in technologies that enhance driver safety among commercial fleets. The company was particularly interested in attracting top-quality engineers to its workforce.

Unfortunately, the applicant tracking system (ATS) that SmartDrive used wasn’t intuitive. Many job seekers abandoned the application process half-way through. The careers page itself needed an upgrade as well, especially in terms of highlighting the benefits of working at the company.

“Our company has been ranked as one of the best places to work in San Diego, yet it was still tough to get qualified engineers to apply for positions. Unemployment is at an all-time low and there’s a lot of competition out there, so we needed to do something to up our game and facilitate the application process. The first place we looked was our website and the ATS.” Sheryl Roland, Sr. VP, People Operations, SmartDrive.


VSSL, a digital marketing agency that builds solutions rooted in strategy, design and technology, suggested various improvements to the SmartDrive careers page.

Working closely with SmartDrive’s recruiting team, VSSL redesigned the page to make it more inviting and user friendly. They highlighted the benefits of working at SmartDrive and created a series of videos in which employees talked about what it was like to work at the company.

The VSSL crew also customized the UI on the careers page for the new ATS that SmartDrive had selected to replace the previous one. This accomplished two things.

First, it made it easy for applicants to find positions in specific job categories, such as transportation intelligence, engineering, technical support or marketing. Second, the UI modernized the entire look of the careers page so that it was more aligned with the SmartDrive brand.

Solutions: Website Development & Design, UI/UX

Website: SmartDrive

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“I was impressed with the VSSL team. They understood what we were trying to accomplish and came up with creative solutions. They handled everything, from integration with other platforms to web development and video shoots.”

Sheryl Roland Senior Vice President, People Operations
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Since the revamped careers page and ATS went live, SmartDrive has seen an impact. The first year, SmartDrive received more than 4,000 applications via Greenhouse, far more than they received with the previous vendor.

“Greenhouse has definitely helped hiring managers better understand how many applicants are coming through along with the quality of the candidates. And it is a lot more user friendly and efficient.” Sheryl Roland, Senior Vice President, People Operations, SmartDrive

SmartDrive has also received good feedback from applicants about the videos, because they not only show what it’s like to work at SmartDrive, but they also explain what the company does.