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New Digital Strategy Boosts Traffic and Conversions

Kyriba Digital Marketing Strategy

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More Conversions, Lower Cost

SEM conversions increase 124%, while cost per conversion decreases 50%


Kyriba, the global leader in cloud treasury and financial management solutions, wanted to enhance its digital marketing strategy to better reach its target audience.

On social, for example, the company promoted a number of quality assets, such as webinars, ebooks and demos, and was looking to increase engagement and conversion rate for these assets.

Kyriba also wanted to grow traffic to its website and increase leads. The company had two separate vendors managing its SEO and SEM, yet the reports it received offered too much data and not enough actionable recommendations to improve performance.


To update its digital marketing strategy, Kyriba hired VSSL. The agency quickly put together a plan that would help Kyriba meet its goals.

Social Media

VSSL identified that Kyriba should be more consistent with its social media postings. This prompted the agency to create a social media content calendar for Kyriba and initiate a regular cadence for posts. VSSL also helped Kyriba establish a more cohesive brand presence with imaging, fonts, color and tone.

In addition, VSSL improved tracking codes for social media posts to give Kyriba better insight into conversions. Now the company can see what posts are effectively leading its audience to request a demo, fill out a contact form, or watch a webinar, for example.

Kyriba still creates its own content and posts on social media, but it has engaged VSSL to help with social media copywriting, posting, reporting and monitoring.


To update Kyriba’s SEO, VSSL fine-tuned the company’s website by recommending adjustments to headings and internal links with the most effective keywords. The agency also recommended the company use keywords that draw the right audience to its website.

For SEM, VSSL carried out a number of useful modifications:

  • Landing pages: VSSL redesigned Kyriba’s landing pages using industry best practices. They shortened forms, punched up the copy, and reduced the number of links in each landing page. To make reporting easier, the agency also consolidated landing pages from two vendors to one.
  • SEM ads: VSSL performed a keyword search query analysis. It then reorganized and rewrote Kyriba’s ads to ensure the company appeared in search engine results for the right search words, rather than for inappropriate or poor performing keywords. The agency also modified remarketing campaigns so that Kyriba’s website visitors and potential visitors would see the company’s ads on sites serving Google ads.

For social as well as SEO and SEM, VSSL streamlined reporting. Each month it provides Kyriba with a short, actionable report. And the agency meets with Kyriba’s marketing team on a weekly basis to discuss recommendations and make adjustments based on what’s working and what isn’t.

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VSSL Agency
VSSL Agency
VSSL Agency

“VSSL brings a depth of expertise, talent and collaboration that you don’t see in most agencies. They have helped us elevate our game in all things digital and branding.”

L. Erik Bratt Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing, Kyriba
VSSL Agency
053 VSSL Agency
VSSL Agency


Within just a few months of hiring VSSL, Kyriba showed strong growth in social media engagement and conversions as well as SEO and SEM.*

Kyriba Digital Marketing Strategy


VSSL Agency

Social media conversions grew 37%, while overall website visits rose 106%. Conversions from Google AdWords also showed healthy growth, rising 124%. At the same time, the cost per conversion decreased 50%, down from $135 to $67.

“VSSL has quickly become a trusted partner for digital marketing performance. They bring a depth of expertise, talent and collaboration that you don’t see in most agencies. They are fast, creative and tend get it right the first time. They have helped us elevate our game in all things digital and branding.” – L. Erik Bratt, Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing, Kyriba.

*All numbers are YoY