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Kyriba, the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, has 2,000+ clients, primarily VPs of treasury, in more than 100 countries. To better position the company as a strategic partner for C-Level decision makers, Kyriba created a new category, Active Liquidity, and broke out their four products more clearly underneath that.

Now Kyriba needed to introduce this new concept to its targeted audience by enhancing its website.

A redesign would not only help the company attract a new audience of CFOs to its website and more clearly lay out its products and value propositions, but also drive conversions.


Kyriba enlisted VSSL to rebrand the website. The agency quickly got to work on a multinational website redesign with messaging that targeted CFOs and introduced them to the Active Liquidity Network.

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Language-Specific SEO
One important aspect of the rebrand entailed launching seven Kyriba websites in seven different languages, with each page SEO-optimized for a specific language and region. This ensured that finance professionals would discover content and the Active Liquidity Network when searching in their own language for treasury and finance solutions.

VSSL created extensive, content-rich websites in American English, British English, French, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. The U.S. site has more than 1,200 pages, while each international site features between 300-400 pages. In addition to specific pages geared towards targeted roles, industries and use cases, every site has a treasury management dictionary that was originally available only on Kyriba’s Japan website. All of these pages are an SEO goldmine of treasury and finance FAQs that Kyriba’s target audiences tend to ask when searching for solutions.

User Experience
As an industry leader, Kyriba hosts an abundance of eBooks and other resources on its site. To help Kyriba’s audience find this valuable content and facilitate conversions, VSSL created a mega menu and implemented user-friendly navigation and search. On the resources pages, for example, visitors can now filter by industry, content type and product to find exactly what they want. And throughout the site, visitors have multiple opportunities to download content or request a demo.

Visual Appeal
The redesign wasn’t just functional. Kyriba wanted the website to appear modern and fresh, yet maintain its enterprise feel. The website’s look and feel now features an updated color palette, fonts, imagery and iconography.

As part of the redesign, VSSL also updated the website platform. The Kyriba content team had struggled with Drupal. It now uses WordPress to easily make language-specific content updates for different regions.

“We couldn't be more pleased with the rebrand. We wanted to attract a new audience, and the data shows that we're successfully on track to achieve that goal. We also experienced a true partnership with VSSL. They listened carefully to what we wanted, and they brought great ideas to the table each time.”Annie Hathaway Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Kyriba

UI screen of Kyriba About Us page
Assets created for Kyriba brand


With the launch of the rebrand and language-specific sites, Kyriba has seen its organic website traffic rise and conversion rates for content and demo requests increase dramatically.

  • A nearly 5% decrease in Bounce Rate and a 20% increase in the average time users spend on a page, meaning users are interacting with the website and more easily finding what they need
  • The site’s conversion rate increased a whopping 344% (from .97% to 4.32%).

Kyriba liked the rebranded website so much that they extended the rebrand to all other marketing collateral as well, substantially increasing the scope of the project. Once again, VSSL was able to deliver the goods within a tight timeline. The agency redesigned 60+ collateral pieces and created new email templates, landing pages, and a slew of additional visual assets to support the launch of Kyriba’s Active Liquidity Platform at the Association of Financial Professionals’ annual tradeshow. One of more impressive assets was a completely rebranded 20×20 tradeshow booth and a killer 80-foot-tall video wall outside the conference.