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Brand Identity and UI Reflect Start-up's New Product

Hyperlead Design Strategy

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Formula 1 Racing Meets CSI

VSSL develops brand identity that takes tech company to a new level


Hyperlead is a software solution designed to help B2B salespeople in the automotive and real estate industry make more informed decisions.

Powered by AI, the software will enable the user to input a lead’s email address and then deliver a treasure trove of information – hobbies, interests, affiliations– all scoured from government records to social media posts.

Seth Siegler, the CEO of Hyperlead, has a clear vision for his product. What he lacked was a brand identity that would resonate with his audience and reflect what he planned to offer: a super-charged ability to personalize each lead.


To develop his brand identity, Siegler hired VSSL, a digital marketing agency that builds solutions rooted in strategy, design and technology.

The VSSL crew met with the Hyperlead CEO to better understand his product. Hyperlead will leverage AI to mine a lead’s accessible information on the Internet, such as social media shares or extensive records made available through government websites. The result of each query offers a rich history of a lead’s everyday life and likes.

“We knew right away what goals he wanted for the product. And as a digital marketing agency, we get how quickly technology changes, how ingrained it is in daily life, and how useful it can be when reaching out to potential leads.” Dave Tillson, Principal, VSSL

VSSL first created a color palette and logo that blended both the speed of technology as well as the digital imprint we all leave behind online. Call it Formula 1 racing meets CSI.

VSSL next created the skin for the Hyperlead dashboard, which contains an initial query page and results page. The skin serves as a UI/UX prototype as well as a design template that will guide Siegler as he’s developing the product for real users.

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“I know software. I know how to develop a product that uses AI to make a salesperson’s job 100 times easier. Where I needed help was branding.”

Seth Seigler CEO, Hyperlead
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“I didn’t realize what a statement a brand could make until I worked with VSSL. They took me to a whole new level.” Seth Siegler, CEO, Hyperlead

The new brand identity and UI gave Siegler more confidence when presenting his product to investors.

For VSSL, the work with Hyperlead was another example of what it takes to create a brand identity from the ground up, especially for a start-up.

“It’s important to listen to someone’s goals and completely understand their vision for their product or service. The brand identity not only has to capture who they are, but who they want to be five years from now.” Dave Tillson, Principal, VSSL