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Account-Based Marketing Boosts Conversions

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More Leads, More Revenue

With help from VSSL, enSilo more than doubles its leads and sales meetings, ultimately increasing annual revenue


enSilo, a leading endpoint security protection firm, had a CRM solution, but the process of collecting and qualifying leads didn’t provide the best results. The company’s salespeople often worked different leads on the same account, doing their own research and gathering separate business intelligence.

The company wanted to better coordinate the approach between sales and marketing and more effectively convert potential leads into sales meetings.

“We collected a lot of leads through our website and our monthly emails. The challenge was turning those leads into opportunities.” Noam Harel, Vice President Demand Generation, enSilo


enSilo partnered with VSSL, a digital marketing agency that builds solutions rooted in strategy, design and technology, to develop a solution.

From Leads to Contacts: A Holistic View of Each Account

The VSSL team implemented an account-based marketing (ABM) approach to boost conversions. To start, the team converted all leads in enSilo’s Salesforce CRM into contacts.

The reason was simple. Contacts within Salesforce are associated with accounts, while leads are not. If leads are collected from a website, for example, it requires a salesperson to qualify those leads, and once qualified, convert them into contacts.

The challenge arises with marketing campaigns. There is no simple way to pool both leads and contacts and run a report to determine who responded to an ad or promotion, for example.

Once VSSL converted all enSilo leads into contacts, the agency gained full insight into how many contacts each account had, allowing enSilo to view collected business intelligence and notes across contacts within one account.

Next, the agency created workflows to automate account routing and make it more efficient. By doing so, all accounts and associated contacts were assigned to one inside sales rep.

“ABM has proved very effective for companies interested in turning leads into opportunities. enSilo has clearly benefited from this new approach to digital marketing.” David Tillson, Principal, VSSL

Scoring for Each Account

The VSSL team also implemented account scoring, which automated rules to prioritize accounts based on the contacts’ engagement with enSilo, their buying signals, and behavioral and demographic information, such as the type of search contacts performed or what their job titles were.

For example, engagement could be any number of actions, from opening an enSilo email, the number of visits to the enSilo website, or Google searches on endpoint security protection. enSilo collected the data via cookies.

Scoring allowed sales and marketing to work more closely together, because an account that scored high based on enSilo’s ideal buyer would be pursued more actively than an account that scored low.

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What is Account-Based Marketing?

ABM is essentially a form of strategic business marketing. An organization takes an individual prospect or customer account — these are companies, not individual people — and treats it like its very own market, or a market of one.

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“With VSSL’s help, we have not only turned leads into opportunities, we now have greater insight into the types of companies searching for endpoint security protection.”

Noam Harel Vice President Demand Generation, enSilo
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With the ABM solution in place, enSilo saw a dramatic increase in marketing-qualified leads, sales meetings, and ultimately revenue from 2017 to 2018.

enSilo Marketing Automation


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In fact, enSilo doubled the number of marketing-qualified leads and booked twice as many meetings as the year before.

The company also closed more than twice as many deals than the previous year, with 70% of those deals supported by marketing.