Beating LinkedIn Benchmarks Across the Board

KyribaPPC Campaign

/ 2020




Kyriba is the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions. Kyriba helps its 2,000+ global clients transform how they activate and protect cash and liquidity.


Kyriba wanted to expand their paid media efforts to both increase lead quality and sales opportunities. The VSSL team had previous success with LinkedIn and suggested it as a powerful platform for targeted B2B advertising.


VSSL launched a series of Linkedin campaigns in Q2 of 2019. Through strategic audience targeting and by creating engaging Sponsored Content, these campaigns surpassed Linkedin platform benchmark KPIs. VSSL grew the campaigns to additional regions creating global coverage on the Linkedin platform. By Q4 there were over 10 live assets being promoted in 3 different languages.

“All Kyriba campaigns are overperforming platform benchmarks and have strong engagement.”

– LinkedIn

PPC, Demand Generation, Paid Media, Display Advertisin



How We Did It

VSSL launched all campaigns with the in-platform lead gen form feature in both North America and in Northern Europe. The VSSL design team created all of the initial ads for each campaign as well as all of the additional rounds of creative refreshes. VSSL researched the best audience targeting method, and ad types that would help Kyriba achieve their goals, and organized campaigns by geographic and language targeting.

In North America, the average growth of leads per month last year was +102%. This campaign group brought in a total of 1,174 leads in 2019 (33% of the total leads combined). In Northern Europe, the CPL was 224% lower than the Linkedin industry benchmark.

With the success of both the North American campaigns and the Northern Europe campaigns, VSSL and Kyriba made the decision to continue expansion in September. The next geographic target for Kyriba’s campaigns was Southern Europe, and the team achieved similar performance: The clickthrough rate was +20% higher than LinkedIn’s benchmark, engagement rate was +46% higher than LinkedIn’s benchmark, and the average cost-per-lead was $49, 202% lower than LinkedIn’s industry benchmark. In November, VSSL and Kyriba also launched a campaign with geographic targeting in Asia-Pacific. This is where VSSL saw the best performance of all the campaigns. The lead gen form completion rate was 400% higher than the industry benchmark, and the average cost-per-lead was 450% lower than the benchmark.

“VSSL has been a trusted partner for Kyriba’s digital marketing performance and more. Thanks to their efforts, we’ve been able to exceed our LinkedIn campaign goals and bring in a record number of high-quality, low-cost leads for our global sales team.”

Annie Hathaway Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Kyriba


From the campaign’s beginnings in 2019, VSSL successfully scaled the campaigns into various regions and improved on the already industry-topping performance as they expanded globally. VSSL achieved results that blew away LinkedIn’s benchmarks for similar industries advertising on their platform. In 2020, VSSL will continue to optimize the campaigns to stay in the lead of Kyriba’s industry on Linkedin.