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New Website and Brand Present Ausgar in New Light.

Ausgar Website & Brand Refresh

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Cyber security firm now has website that accurately reflects the company’s story, capabilities


AUSGAR Technologies, Inc., a mid-sized government contracting firm specializing in cyber security and experimentation, had ambitious plans.

Leadership wanted to a position the company as a contractor of choice. It also wanted a platform to better articulate the company’s capabilities and tell its unique story.

But the company’s outdated, non-responsive website didn’t reflect these goals. This made it hard to present a professional face to potential clients, not to mention job candidates and partners.

“Our website needed to be more transparent and tell a better story to make us more approachable, personable and real.” Jim Cuff, Business Development, AUSGAR


AUSGAR hired VSSL, a digital marketing agency that builds solutions rooted in strategy, design and technology, to redesign its website and improve its messaging.

First, VSSL met with AUSGAR leadership to determine the company’s mission, goals and primary messaging. From there, it developed a new site architecture that would make information easy for visitors to find. The team also wrote new content and edited existing content.

The AUSGAR leadership team wanted to tell the company story with photos rather than long blocks of text, so VSSL gathered strong, impactful images that would resonate with both government clients and potential job candidates.

New pages included a leadership page with engaging profiles and photographs of executives. A timeline details the progress of the company through the years. VSSL also added an announcements page, so that AUSGAR could post stories about career fairs, awards, leadership speaking engagements, and community involvement.

During the website redesign process, the VSSL team suggested that AUSGAR update the company logo, so that it would be more in sync with a new website. AUSGAR agreed, and VSSL took on a brand refresh as well, which included revamped typography, colors, style guide, and building signage.

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“I think the strongest contribution VSSL made was to help us to tell our story and present that story online with the right messaging, content and imagery.”

Jon Dien President / Founder, Ausgar
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Once the new website and branding launched, AUSGAR leadership noticed the impact right away.

Elaine Ramirez, Director of Human Resources at AUSGAR, wasn’t as excited about using the previous website to attract candidates or entice them to learn about the company. Now she regularly directs candidates to the website and also incorporates it into the onboarding process, frequently asking what they think of the site.

“I have received great feedback from candidates. They get the information they need, they like the way the website flows, and they appreciate the visuals.”
Elaine Ramirez, Director of Human Resources, AUSGAR

And unlike the old website, it’s easy for her to post announcements on a regular basis, attempting to post at a minimum of two per month.

When the website launched, the company held an all-hands to celebrate and rally the troops. Leadership reported that employees were enthusiastic about the new look.

Cuff is also pleased with the results. The website is now a source of pride and something he regularly shows potential clients and partners at meetings and conferences.